Pay Per Click Management

Maybe you're trying to manage the PPC accounts yourself, or have allocated it to a general sales person to look after internally. You know it takes up a lot of time and yet more could be done to improve the results.

When is it time to appoint a PPC consultant ?

The daily budget is exhausted by noon. 

A key competitor is always ahead of you - and with better ads.

You perform a search to find your ad and it’s not there.

The cost-per-conversion is much higher than you want it to be.

PPC campaigns undoubtedly benefit from time being spent on them however this needs to be done in a structured and controlled manner. In many cases the cost of appointing a consultant will be recovered from the resulting reduction in PPC costs and/or the increase in sales. 

The main benefit however is time saving. No one knows your business better than you therefore this time could be better spent managing your company’s core activities. Maybe, you’ll achieve more by appointing a consultant than you would save by doing it all internally.

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