Online advertising can be very confusing and requires a huge leap of faith especially if it’s a new venture. You've listened to everything that’s been said, completed some research online then invest some money and hope …. that your sales aren’t going to plummet and that you're not wasting money.

What makes ARTiSAN different ?

We specialise in PPC

Many companies offer everything – PPC management, SEO as well as web design, domain hosting etc. Although we do offer SEO to PPC clients we specialise in PPC and have been actively managing campaigns since 2006.

We’re a consultancy not an agency

Due to the nature of PPC marketing a large element of trust is involved. We need to understand your business, the market you're in and most importantly the desired objectives. We explain our strategies in simple terms to ensure you feel comfortable with what is going on and how it works. 

With years of experience in sales and marketing at senior levels we are passionate about your success. We're not just interested in monitoring your campaigns month on month - we want you to do well and achieve results. After all, we have a vested interest in making sure you enjoy increased revenue.

We use a selection of specialised processes and software

Used in conjunction with effective ad writing together with a genuine interest and passion for your success, its unbeatable. The huge amount of data obtained via PPC is invaluable and we frequently make recommendations to our clients to help improve their conversion rate based upon this information.

We get most of our business through recommendations

We like meeting new businesses and people, and often introduce other reliable businesses to each other. As a result, we're highly regarded and frequently recommended. We hope that by meeting expectations you'll also recommend us to others in due course - its the best form of advertising.

We're down to earth

Although technically proficient, we're also based in the 'real world' and have a good grasp of what works, and what doesn't, gained from years of sales and marketing experience. We don't techno-babble to our clients - we make sure you understand what's going on.

We like the challenge

We enjoy the experience of working with clients and learning more about their business and the markets they operate in. Every business is different, therefore it's always a challenge to find the most efficient and cost effective strategy to 'make it work'.

We don't take over ownership of the PPC account

The PPC accounts remain your property and you retain full access to the accounts at all times. 

We're always happy to discuss your PPC requirements 

Contact us today to discuss your PPC advertising requirements or to request an Audit of an existing account.

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